This information service is dedicated to the mineral resources of Ukraine and established at the State Research and Development Enterprise “State Geological Information Fund of Ukraine” (SRDE “Geoinform of Ukraine”) under the joint project with Geological Survey of Norway..

Information service is created to make subsurface users and general public aware of the current state of mineral resources of Ukraine and to provide information on the distribution of minerals and their reserves, mining activities, etc.

Ukraine belongs to the world-class regions most rich in mineral resources. About 20 thousand mineral deposits and occurrences of 117 minerals types are found in subsurface of the country. Of these, 8761 deposits and 1288 recorded sites for 95 minerals types are of commercial value and are in the Recorded mineral reserves (the state balance) , while 3055 deposits are in production.

In recent years, the large amount of iron, manganese, ilmenite-zirconium, uranium ore, as well as coal, graphite, kaolin, refractory and fire clay, flux, cement raw materials, facing and building stones are being mined in Ukraine. The use of modern technologies facilitates increasing production of energy resources – oil and natural gas. And at the local level, the use of peat is increased as an alternative source of energy.

Mineral complex provides a significant share of the gross national product. About 48 percent of the industrial potential of the country and 20 percent of its workforce are related to the extraction and use of mineral resources. These figures are close to those of developed countries with strong mining industry where from 20 to 40 percent of total investment and 20 percent of the workforce are concentrated.

SRDE "Geoinform of Ukraine", as the State Enterprise, is primarily committed to store and provide the geological information. SRDE "Geoinform of Ukraine" carries out works on registration, storage and processing of statistical analytical, geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and geotechnical results of subsurface studies, monitoring of the geological environment and mineral resources.

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Mineral deposit – accumulation of mineral substances on the Earths’ surface or in subsurface as a result of various geological processes with the quantity, quality and geological conditions suitable for their industrial use.

Combustible minerals
Metallic minerals
Non-metallic minerals